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Clarity & Branding

As someone who works with entrepreneurs and runs in entrepreneur circles both online and in person I can tell you that the #1 challenge that holds up everything else from truly unfolding is internal clarity and branding.

Who are you? What do you REALLY want? What are your unique skills? Who are you serving? Why are you doing this? How are you going to do it in a practical and sustainable way? What does it mean if you don't know?

You’ve probably heard these questions before and you’ve probably been stumped by them because contrary to the assumption that we can easily define ourselves, these questions are HARD and it takes a process to answer them.

Let me simplify it for you. This is what you'll get to elevate your brand:

Personalized expert guidance in uncovering your superpowers so you can launch your vision from a deeply rooted place of confidence.

Newsflash: finding your true purpose doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the modern version of a vision quest, and I’m the spirit guide who will see you through all the illusion so you can truly grow and change in the process. 

How long this takes really depends on you, but I am committed to helping you get there and will hold your hand through this personal unfolding until you are ready to say “YES! This is IT!!”


How it works:

1. We'll start with a 1-hour Skype call to dive into your history, mission, goals, style, process, preferences and a WHOLE LOTTA other stuff. I'll ask you lots of questions and will begin providing some guidance you can start to think about after the call. We'll walk away from this feeling lots of love and creative energy, and having clear action steps.

2. I will send you a personal clarity and branding document full of high-mileage questions for a fun self-inquiry process you'll do on your own. This will invite you to lay the foundation of your intentions and desires and think more deeply about the core of your brand. When completed you'll share this with me.

3. While you’re doing that, I will review any online assets you already have, such as your website, social media, etc.

4. I will take everything we discussed, all your questionnaire responses, inspiration from various sources, and my creative experience into my mad scientist intuition laboratory and will produce for you a brand identity document. This will include things like short and clear summary options of how you can define your brand, taglines, the essence you want to evoke, your audience, sample copy you can use on your website, suggested SEO keywords, and other things relevant for YOU. 

5. We’ll take it from there to adjust as needed until you feel crystal clear that your brand has been identified. 

Based on what comes out of this, we'll discuss your specific needs in terms of content and develop some priorities to start updating your website or creating other communications relevant to your unique biz.

Sound good?

Optional add-on’s:

What we’re talking about here is more in the realm of personal clarity and branding about who you are and what you do, however depending on your needs I am also totally able to develop visual elements to support this identity, such as a logo, graphics, business card design, and even a full style guide complete with your colors, fonts, and other visual elements. We'd start with a mood board (see below for an example) and move on from there to co-create something that truly represents your personal style.

If your website needs aren’t too complicated I can also make a clean and well-styled website for you using Squarespace (which is how I created this site), incorporating great copywriting that is aligned with all the clarity and branding we will discuss. If you need something more advanced or really want a unique look I am more than happy to refer you to an awesome designer/developer I know to make this happen.

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