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Holistic branding and marketing posts by Diana Chaplin.


Embracing Uncertainty

Diana Chaplin

Hello freelancing, independence, blind faith. Hello fear and uncertainty. I have embarked on a journey into the unknown and I forge ahead bravely, yet not unwavering. 

For years it has been my dream to move to western Massachusetts with my family, live among nature, and enjoy a gentler pace of life than New York City could offer. After years of planning, saving, and waiting, it's finally happened. Here we are, and we love it. I even wrote an encouraging post about how I managed to accomplish such a big move with a young family.

Now that the dust has settled and (most of) the boxes unpacked it's time for the next step: figuring out the job situation. While I have a variety of prospects from growing my wellness site (Living Body Wellness) to freelance marketing, and a certain level of financial security from years of saving, I can't help but hear the increasingly loud roar of fear and uncertainty with each passing day. 

Fear is powerful. Social pressure even more so. What if I fail? What if I can't find clients? What if I do find clients but they don't like my work? What if I don't earn enough? What if... 

But if I listen closely, just beneath that outer cacophony of questions, there is another voice more subtle and clear, steady yet fluid like a secret river running through my subconscious, saying "it's fine, it's good, it'll all work out". The rational mind yearns to know the details but the creative mind, the one connected to the collective creative energy of the universe, knows something that the rational mind could never understand. 

This is where I am now, hopeful, open, taking deep breaths and channeling confidence and strength from the depths of my being. It's fine, it's good, it'll all work out.