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Holistic branding and marketing posts by Diana Chaplin.


What I Learned at Entrepreneur Camp

Diana Chaplin

I have just returned from the most amazing weekend and will do my very best to condense the mindblowing and abundant implosion of love, inspiration, and motivation that I experienced.


Hang on, I’m workin’ on it.

Putting this into words is not an easy task.

I’ll begin with a summary of what this is all about.

Camp GLP (Good Life Project) is an organized event for heart-centered entrepreneurs where hundreds of like-minded people can get together to have fun and learn new concepts for successful business building. This is the second year it has taken place and it was held in upstate New York in a traditional camp setting - bunks, cafeteria, arts & crafts, nature, just like sleepaway camp – and is organized by an incredible entrepreneur, author, and all-around-visionary dude named Jonathan Fields.

Many entrepreneurs don’t have the pleasure of being surrounded by those who “get it” in our everyday lives.

Networking aside, we crave real connection, inspiration and validation that our ideas are not weird or crazy or impossible, that they are in fact AWESOME and should be pursued. We also generally don’t have access to brilliant leaders and teachers who’s guidance can not only help make our businesses more successful, but who remind us that self-care, creativity, play, relationships, and a deep connection to our true selves are just as important as understanding sales and marketing strategy.

So, what did I do/learn/take away from all of this?

Here are just a few of the highlights…

1. From Dr. Aviva Romm I learned that a little bit of pressure can ignite creation, but continuous stress-overload is not only unhealthy, but it will also stifle the creative process. She reminded me to PAUSE, breathe, and take care of myself every damn day, even when I’m “too busy.”

Here’s a breathing exercise she shared:

Breathe in for the count of four and think “I am”

Breathe out for the count of four and think “at peace”

Do that a few times in the midst of a busy day to quickly de-stress and get centered.

2. From a workshop on synchronicity with Monica Kenton I learned how the flow of energy moves from body to spirit, and was yet again reminded that good self-care creates the space and invitation for emotional balance and a soul that can fully express itself. Interestingly my partner exercise here was the most valuable in that it brought to light that the clarity of purpose I seek is rooted in my center, not the heart or mind where I have anticipated it to arise.

3.  From Derek Halpern of Social Triggers I learned that the key to creating a successful online course is to address pain points, launch a mini-course first, get feedback, and improve the content before investing too much time in something that might not work out. On a practical level this inspired a simple yet potentially brilliant content model for a client I'm working with.

4. From Jonathan Fields I learned the most. I learned about how to be present and loving and generous in both work and life, how to focus on what matters most, dance with fear, and do it with flexibility and delight. Jonathan inspired me to dig deeper and open myself up to far greater possibilities than I had thought possible. And through creating this event he taught me the incredible power of connection, compassion, and collaboration.

This is just a fraction of the experience though. In addition to learning I also made some amazing new friends and was reminded that you should never ever underestimate or make judgments of others. I was surprised again and again by what I learned about the beautiful strangers I met, their talents, their dreams, their vulnerabilities. The glow from the unexpected brightness of their inner lights – something hidden within all of us yet rarely witnessed beneath the veneer of our composed external shells – is still warming my heart.

There is magic that happens when you bring together deeply loving and conscious people who just want to learn and grow and share love. All our hearts were cracked wide open and for a few short days our souls intertwined in laugher and tears and elevation.

I could say more, give more details, share the vision I came home with or the lovely things I made with my hands. I could share my thoughts on how powerfully such soulful entrepreneurs are changing our economy, the nature of work, and the world itself, but to be honest I'm still processing. It's all still sinking in, swirling around my energetic field, marinating in creative blissful juices until a future time when I will bare myself again. 

I'm already booking my spot for next year :)